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Gens P. Goodman, Kent J. DeZee, Rob Burks, Brian R. Waterman, Philip J. Belmont
General Hospital Psychiatry
January 2011(Vol. 33, Issue 1,Pages 51-57)
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Characterization of combat-related spinal injuries sustained by a US Army Brigade Combat Team during Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Eye injuries in twentieth century warfare: A historical perspective

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Physiatry, physical medicine, and rehabilitation: Historical development and military roles

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Eye injuries on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan: Public health implications

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Casualties in civilians and coalition soldiers from suicide bombings in Iraq, 2003–10: a descriptive study

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War time experiences of triage and resuscitation: Australian Army nurses in the Vietnam War, 1967–1971

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Evaluation and management of combat-related spinal injuries: a review based on recent experiences

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Changes in Combat Casualty Care

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Frequency and Causes of Nonbattle Injuries Air Evacuated from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, U.S. Army, 2001–2006

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Surgical Support for Low-Intensity Conflict, Limited Warfare, and Special Operations

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Does Body Armor Protect from Firearm Injuries?

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Acinetobacter in modern warfare

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