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Top 5 Reasons Men Can’t Get It Up and What to Do About It


“I swear sweetheart, this is the first time this is happening to me.” And like the naive lady you are. you will actually believe this to be true. This is because we have all come to believe that men are insatiable sex beasts. One look at a girl’s thighs and they are ready to get it in the sack. It, therefore, comes as a shock when you come across a guy who is not able to retain an erection during sex. Many ladies will actually end up blaming themselves. Probably start thinking that they are not sexy enough to impress the guy. Unfortunately, unlike girls who can feign interest and still have sex even when they are not interested, a man has totally to be into it before it happens.

male patient with doctor
Talk to your doctor, they’ll know exactly what to do.

As a dude, there is nothing worse than being unable to get it up. Imagine having your dream girl on your bed but then failing to lift it off no matter how hard you try. It is humiliating. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is normally associated with old people but here is a fun fact. Every one in ten men has had recurring erectile problems in their lives. Actually, almost all men have had problems getting it up at one point in their lives. According to statistics, one-quarter of all men seeking help for erectile dysfunction are below the age of 40.

But the good news is while you may have problems getting it up, this does not necessarily mean that you have erectile dysfunction. In this article, we have compiled the 5 most common reasons why men are failing to rise up to the occasion and what you can do about it.

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1. Alcohol

The irony of this theory is that alcohol actually gives you the courage to approach potential sex partners. So it helps you get her to bed but then once you are there, you are unable to close the deal. Oh, alcohol. How unfair you can be. The truth of the matter is alcohol is a depressant to your central nervous system. According to Dr. Brahmbhatt, it decreases the blood flow to your penis hence preventing you from getting hard. Although the inability to get an erection will mainly be due to continuous heavy drinking, sometimes, a single night of drinking too much may turn out to be the problem.


Luckily, alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction is a temporary situation. It will always clear up once you are able to stand on one leg again or walk a straight line. As a lady, you don’t need to make fun of your guy If he can’t get it up at this period. You may end up having the best middle of the night sex of your life once he sobers up. If the condition is as a result of chronic drinking, you will need to cut down on the drinking. Although we all have different tolerance levels you are advised to stick to two drinks per day to avoid bedroom problems.

drugs for male enhancement
Drugs are not always the best solution, but are one, nonetheless.

2. Stress and exhaustion

I don’t mean to give you one more reason to stress about but being under stress actually counts for almost 20 percent of all erectile dysfunction problems. Also, being overtired could be the reason you are not able to get it up. Sincerely speaking, after a whole day of a tight school schedule or hard labor, sex is not one of the top things you are looking to get into. You probably just want to lie down and relax. In addition, stress and exhaustion are top causes of insomnia. Lack of enough sleep is another reason your top ramen may be refusing to boil. Sleep is important for testosterone production thus if you are not getting enough of it, don’t be shocked if you get a groggy erection.


Take a rest. Life is too short to be experiencing erectile problems just because you are too tired. I know telling you to avoid stressing yourself is easier said than done but don’t you think your problems are a good enough motivation. Take up a yoga exercise class, do some meditation, anything to relieve your stress. Get more sleep to lessen the impact of stress on your body. Soon enough you will have your libido back to normal.

embarassed man
It’s worth getting this solved, than waiting until the last minute.

3. Performance anxiety

This is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, Society has placed some standards and men may struggle to live up to these standards. Thinking too much about your ability to satisfy your partner could be the reason your member is letting you down. Is my penis big enough? Will I last long enough? Is my body hot enough for her? Sometimes focusing on these ifs may kill your ability to get your member up.


Keep calm. You have to believe that you are good at what you are doing. Avoid questions like “Am I good enough.” Once you give in to your fears then that’s when you lose your erection. Focus on the task at hand which is pleasing your woman. You have to believe that what you are doing is right and satisfying. Also having knowledge on how to please your partner is crucial to ensure you are not doubting yourself once you get to it.

4. You are under certain medication

If you are taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety skills then this might be the reason John won’t respond to your calls. Certain high blood pressure medications can also result in a dip of your libido.

medication tablets
Medication tablets for erectile dysfunction are pretty popular as well.


Well if you are thinking of ditching your medication, you won’t be doing much help to yourself. The option here would be to have a conversation with your doctor so that he can recommend erection-friendly alternative medication. The doctors are always aware of the effects these medications might have on your sex drive and therefore, don’t put off talking to them just because you think its embarrassing.

5. You have recently masturbated

Masturbation is no new phenomenon to men. Sometimes you stay too long without a partner and decide to get off solo. Well, if you have recently masturbated you may find it difficult to get a boner. This may be due to an increase in prolactin hormone after you orgasm. Studies have linked this hormone to difficulties in maintaining an erection.

embarrassed wife
Don’t embarrass the wife (or girlfriend)!


Understand your refractory time. Just like you need some time to rest after running a marathon,
you will also need some time to reload before you can achieve an erection. The average refractory time is 30 minutes but some guys are good with just 10 minutes. Allow yourself some time to rejuvenate before you have sex and you will be good.

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